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APS was founded in 1991, with the aim of developing in the Italian market, alternatives to the traditional floorings, which are able to offer more effective solutions for improving the business performances and the safety of the buildings. APS through the research and the identification of always more advanced materials on the world stage, proposes solutions for the protection, renovation and restoration of floorings and surfaces, through the realisation of high performance jointless coatings, by employing in prevalence, materials based on modified resins and polyurethane-cement. Today APS designs and realises PavimentiSICURI®, directly with its personnel, for industrial and civil buildings through a design system that responds to economic, qualitative and environmental criteria to achieve the best performances with respect for the man and the environment. With PavimentiSICURI® , APS aims to create customized solutions while promoting a more sustainable design and construction within the working and living environments, in which most of the people’s life is conducted. Guiding the research and the knowhow towards the design and the realisation of coatings that can guarantee a 360° Safety for the Man and the Environment, is our goal, through a constant commitment. Our philosophy is to promptly and qualitatively respond to the needs of companies and designers, by offering a substantial contribution to the health protection and to the accident prevention, through the maximum attention to operators and users. The challange is to pursue the objective by combining economic, social and environmental requirements, given that the realisation of new floorings, both in industrial and civil plants, creates permanent environmental changes that touch important aspects, such as the safety of the operators in stage of production, of the users in their daily lives and not least, the safety of the future generations for the quality of the products placed in the environment and for the production of wastes, throughout the life cycle of the new structure, including the disposal of the same in the process of removal or change of use.

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