Norcineria Toscana Food Industry

Norcineria Toscana is a young, dynamic and practical company that offers a selection of high quality products realised according to the Tuscan artisanal tradition, made of natural simplicity, and great care in the realisation.

Norcineria Toscana collaborates with teachers with proven and consolidated experience, to whom the controls of the most important phases of the transformation and conservation are entrusted; all of this, combined with a more careful choice of the raw materials, guarantees the realisation of absolute excellence products.

Quality, high hygienic sanitary standards, service, flexibility in rapidly responding to the constant customers requests, are the factors that today are determining a constant growth in the salami factory activity.


APS with PavimentiSicuri has designed and realised for Norcineria Toscana a solution for covering the floors, sturdy surfaces able to guarantee the safety of the production environments and prevent slipping while operating on the wet.


norcineria toscana

norcineria toscana

norcineria toscana