Our social commitment for the Ambanja population

hafaliana onlus e aps pavimenti sicuri

Hafaliana - Stefano ScaringellaIt has been over thirty years since a Capuchin friar left Italy for Madagascar. The Friar is called Stefano Scaringella and he is a surgeon. He stopped in Ambanja, a town north-west of the African Country, and there, he founded a clinic that turned over time into a hospital, the Saint Damien. And the life changed, for thousands of people. A group of friends knew Father Stefano and in March 2010 decided to visit him in Madagascar and visit the hospital he founded… The mutual esteem, the faith sharing and the great involvement born from that trip, convinced them to give a stable form to this meeting… Thus the HAFALIANA Association La Gioia Onlus was born, which aims to help Father Stefano in an operative friendship, by developing a help in the fundraiser needed to support his work. APS in its small, actively contributes to the support of the cause of Hafaliana. Website: http://www.hafaliana.org/

Testimony of Guenda Preti Moavero, Gen. Secr. Hafaliana


Cigno onlus foundation

fondazione il cigno onlus

Mission: Research, assistance, support and integration with the productive and entrepreneurial world.

CIGNO aims to give voice to the unexpressed needs of patients and their families, by studying and deepening the topics that are close to their daily life, often overlooked and not funded by research projects aimed mainly to the medicines registration and marketing.

CIGNO has three parallel possibilities, mutually interconnected, for future development:

  • A structured research project that aim to measure the economic and ethical implications of interventions and organizational decisions with the quality of life as a goal.
  • A welfare project in order to directly take charge of the aspects of the path undertaken by cancer patients, mainly directed to oncology rehabilitation, currently unmet in most Italian oncological realities.
  • A continuous training program for personnel working in oncology and palliative care but also for medicine students, interns and volunteers.