Resin floors since 1991, with the aim of developing in the Italian market, alternatives to the traditional floorings, which are able to offer more effective solutions for improving the business performances and the safety of the buildings.


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soluzioni atex alimentare

Discover the Case Study of Pavimenti Sicuri

PAVIMENTISICURI® with its applications:

  • Makes environments compliant to standards and HACCP- BRC – IFS norms
  • Guarantees a greater safety for the personnel
  • Prevents risks in ATEX environments
  • Ensures durability for environments with heavy goods vehicles transit

Consult the case studies APS PAVIMENTISICURI ® Enter

soluzioni atex alimentare

Case History Pavimenti Sicuri

Norcineria Toscana Food Industry

Norcineria Toscana Food Industry APS with PavimentiSICURI has designed and realised for Norcineria Toscana a solution for covering the floors, sturdy surfaces able to guarantee the safety of production environments and also prevent slipping while operating on the wet. See the video