APS has always carried out support activities to organisations and projects related to the territory or chosen by collaborators for specific characteristics.

So it happens that next to the remote adoption of the little “Angelica” in the distant Ambanja in Madagascar, the activity that supports other realities, such as C.I.G.N.O. Foundation, has been continuing for more than 20 years, through the corporate volunteering – ever since this concept did not exist yet -.
This Foundation, which is for the support and the benefit of cancer patients, their families and the equipe of care and prevention, promotes the “Quality of life as an ethical and economic value” and it has its mission in the “research, assistance, support and integration with the productive and entrepreneurial world”, of which APS is part.

Aware of the limitations related to our size, we have decided to use this space also as a sounding board to invite all those who access our channels, to deepen their knowledge of these realities, to get in touch with them and be swayed.